UltraRoof Warm Roof - Transforming Conservatories

UltraRoof Warm Roof - Transforming Conservatories

Rediscover your conservatory. Swap its glass or polycarbonate roof for a Falcon UltraRoof380 warm roof. Wave goodbye to extreme temperature differences in winter and summer- and say hello to a new room which you'll enjoy being in all year round.

Thanks to advances in technology, it's now possible to manufacture composite doors within a UPVC moulded framework to almost any shape required. The possibilities from Falcon Windows are almost endless, so it has never been easier to give your home that impressive entrance and individual feel you've been searching for.

The UltraRoof warm roof system is engineered by lightweight roofing system experts, UltraFrame and is one of the most advanced replacement roofs for conservatories on the market today. Look forward to a stylish vaulted plaster ceiling inside and an impressive lightweight tiled finish on the outside - or retain an element of natural light from above with the installation of rectangular glass panels or 'Velux' windows thanks to the innovative configurable technologies of the UltraRoof380 warm roofing solution.

Falcon Windows - Specialist installers of UltraRoof and LivinRoof systems

Falcon Windows - Specialist installers of UltraRoof and LivinRoof systems

Falcon Windows know how extra design details can make all the difference to your own personal enjoyment of your conservatory and we have considerable experience in installing conservatory warm roofs in Suffolk and Essex.

We can quickly assess whether the UltraRoof warm roof system is appropriate for your current conservatory.

What's more, the Falcon team have first-hand knowledge of the high quality of insulation and ventilation which our selected warm roofing systems like UltraRoof can provide and can advise on bespoke details - like Velux roof-windows and interior lighting - which can make your warm roof conservatory look more like a traditional extension.

Introducing the UltraRoof warm roof

UltraRoof380 lightweight warm roof systems and LivinRoof systems from Ultraframe can be retro-fitted to most existing conservatories or incorporated into most styles of new-build conservatories.

It's an ideal way to gain year-round use - and all those space benefits of an extension - and because it is light in weight, its design can typically overcome obstacles presented by planning permission or building regulation rules.

Ultraframe used over 30 years' experience in designing and manufacturing conservatory roofs to create a system which fuses the thermal properties of brick or super-insulated columns with the ultimate in lightweight tiled roof solutions.

UltraRoof warm roof

380 is the magic number. It refers to the UltraRoof warm roof 380mm wide box beam which runs round the perimeter of the roof, sitting on window frames and walls, and gives it such super-strength that there is no need for at tie bar. The upshot of that, is simply more choice - an UltraRoof warm roof can be configured to any conservatory shape or size.

Choice is the word. An UltraRoof conservatory warm roof from Falcon windows comes with so many options:

  • The lightweight tiles are available in three colour finishes to suit your home.
  • Full length glazed panels can be inserted to create a feature and bring some natural light flooding in from above.
  • Multiple rectangular glass panels can be accommodated by the lightweight roof structure.
  • Velux windows for light and ventilation or panels with high performance glazing can be inserted.
  • Exterior soffits can allow for stylish downlighters - great patio lighting and a smart contemporary feature.
  • Powder-coated aluminium ridge and hip capping is standard - UltraTile upgrade options available.
  • External fascia boards available in different colours to complement or contrast existing window frames.
  • Roof ridge and hip options include modern aluminium capping or more traditional tile roof capping.
  • The Ultraframe LivinRoof version offers an internal pelmet around the perimeter of the ceiling which can be used for housing for internal lighting- or sound system speakers.
  • In the Ultraframe LivinRoof version, the interior apex of the roof can be fitted with a flat panel to allow main or mood lighting.

Cost-effective and quick installation too. The UltraRoof380 warm roof from Falcon Windows Ipswich has a proven pedigree and can provide comfort and peace of mind for many years to come. The complete roof is pre-manufactured to ensure consistent quality on site, plus speedy installation with minimal waste and minimal disruption to your home compared to other tiled roof solutions

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Because colour matters

UltraRoof Tile Colours

You'll want to choose your UltraRoof to suit both you - and your property.

Inside, if you choose a LivinRoof, you can enjoy a flat panel ceiling to accommodate down-lighters or a main pendant light. Vaulted or flat-panel, the ceiling will be plastered for you to decorate to the colour of your choice.

Outside, you can select tile and fascia colours to suit too.




Authentic slate finishes

Carbon Grey
Harvest Brown
Terra Brick

Warm roofs and ventilation

Warm roofs and ventilation

The UltraRoof380 warm roof is extremely thermally efficient - up to 15 times more than the standard conservatory roof it is likely to replace. This means increased comfort, lower bills and a space which is inviting all year round. Ventilation plays a significant role in combatting condensation and ensuring that your warm roof delivers the environment which is right for you and your home.

The type of ventilation you need is specific to your conservatory, based on many considerations such as size, shape and most importantly, aspect in relation to the sun.

South facing conservatories need to take into account the direct sunlight they receive in summer, whilst north-facing sites need to consider heating options for the colder months of the year. Other factors to consider include overshadowing of the conservatory from obstacles such as trees and buildings and the severity of wind and snow in your area.

Ventilation is key within the structure of the conservatory roof and the UltraRoof system offers a number of special ventilation features which can be integrated in your bespoke design including:

Opening roof vents - Better than a window, a roof vent is a fast and effective way of allowing warm air to leave your conservatory. Ultraframe roof vents are supplied with either manual or electric openers. If you opt for electric openers, then thermostats and handy rain sensors will allow for automatic opening and closing.

CONSERVAGLASS - The right specification of roof glass is crucial. To enable a conservatory to be used all year round, the glazing material must deflect heat from the sun in summer and retain the warmth from heating appliances in the winter - as well as allow maximum light into your home.

Benefits of CONSERVAGLASS sealed units from UltraFrame include:

  • Toughened safety glass: 4mm glass - 16 mm; argon filled cavity - 4 mm glass with black warm edge spacer as standard.
  • Tinted
  • 'Self-cleaning'
  • Reduce fabric fading
  • Manufactured in specialist roof glass factories
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

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Why choose an UltraRoof380 warm roof from Falcon?

Falcon Windows UltraRoof380 warm roof

UltraRoof warm roofs excellently engineered by UltraFrame are top quality, reliable systems which can transform your conservatory and the way you live in it. Falcon Windows have extensive experience in installing warm roofs in Ipswich, Stowmarket and throughout Suffolk and Essex and can ensure that your warm roof has been designed to the exact requirements of your home.

Falcon's team of UltraRoof warm roof installers Stowmarket and Ipswich can fit your bespoke warm roof professionally to deliver maximum its performance. We not only have expert training and experience, but provide guarantees, insurance-backed warranties and an attention to after-care service at all times, which is rare in the trade and very much appreciated by our customers.

Find out how a replacement conservatory roof like an UltraRoof Warm Roof can make all the difference - contact Falcon Windows now

Warm roofs and ventilation

A Ultraframe 380 Warm Room Falcon Windows installed in Stowupland, Suffolk

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