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Falcon Windows Bay Replacement Windows

Bay windows from Falcon Windows Ipswich come with either 4, 5, or 6 sections to create an organic, exterior projection on a property which allows in more light and creates the impression of a bigger room space.

A really bright idea

Highly practical and attractive, bays were popular in the early 50's when whole streets incorporated the same style of bay windows to their frontages, giving luxurious extra room to the lounge and front bedroom.

The light, bright extra space makes for a superb window seat especially as it's on a slight curve, or convenient space-saving desk with lots of natural light. Upstairs, it could be a great place for a bedroom's dressing table or downstairs, a wonderful way to achieve a bright and relaxed atmosphere for a dining room or entertaining space.

While bays are generally incorporated into larger properties, they're extremely practical for small flats or apartments too, as they give the illusion of more space and light.

How do bay windows work?

Falcon Windows Bay Replacement Windows

Bay windows are basically a series of smaller windows or 'lights joined together by means of reinforced bay poles. These are clipped together and designed to support the weight above the bay windows. They are finished off with snap-on decorative covers.

Bays come in all shapes and sizes and it's important to select what's right for the nature of your property as well as consider the benefits it will bring to your living style. At Falcon Windows Ipswich, we are experts in helping customers determine the best bay window approach for their specific property.

Added space, extra light are key benefits with these Ipswich bay windows, but above all adding or replacing a bay window can give your home really nice feature rooms inside and a very attractive, integrated look outside.

As clear - or as colourful - as glass

For a spot of tradition, added character or to express your own individuality, there are many glazing options available with bay windows. These include decorative, coloured top lights perhaps with bevels - a feature which really makes the bay window stand out when the light and colours shine through.

All sealed glazed units nowadays are A-rated - that's so much more efficient than old-style double glazing. And if you change your bay windows, you would soon notice a significant difference in the heat saving.

Other glass options include integral Georgian bars which are between the glass panes. Astral bars are particular popular too. These are the bars which are stuck on the inside and outside of the actual glass with an integral boxed spacer bar to give the look of individual panes of glass - clever stuff!

Whichever way you see things, whatever your requirements, rest assured - Falcon Windows in Ipswich will be able to address your needs and provide you with beautiful bay windows that you will be proud of to be in your home.

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