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Falcon Windows Coloured Windows

Whether you select u-PVC or aluminium frames from Falcon Windows, these days there's plenty of scope to colour them beautiful. Forget the days of white only u-PVC or silver only aluminium, now there are all sorts of standard colours to choose from and a whole universe of other colours too in fact.

Firm favourites

Rosewood, light oak, anthracite grey, Chartwell Green, Agate Grey, Cream, Irish Oak, Heritage White and Black are all popular choices for coloured windows in Ipswich and Suffolk, depending on whether you home is a modern, traditional or new-build property.

These colours are generally available as standard for uPVC windows, depending on the windows style selected. Having a perfect colour scheme internally doesn't have to stop there - you can have this on the outside of your property as well. Often however, white inside and a colour outside or vice-versa is the preference.

The woodgrain effect on our high quality uPVC windows is achieved through a laminate foil process. Woodgrain laminate foils from Falcon Windows are durable, scratch-resistant, easily cleaned and offer high performance and durability in all types of weather conditions. Popular woodgrain-effect options include the most traditional Rosewood and Golden Oak. These are joined by strong contemporary and country colours such as Chartwell Green, anthracite grey, black, Brilliant Blue and Claret Red.

Almost any colour under the sun

Falcon Windows Coloured Windows

Robust, fade-free colours right across the spectrum are now available for uPVC and aluminium frames thanks to stunning advances in powder paint technologies.

The Acryl II colour coating system from windows developer, REHAU, was initially formed by their automotive division and has proved its robustness on the bumpers of prestige cars such as Jaguar, Mercedes & BMW.

Now Acryl II offers homeowners an exciting, range of colour options for their new windows, with over 150 RAL colours.

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