Polycarbonates & Car Ports

Welcome to Ipswich Polycarbonates

Falcon Windows' polycarbonates division - Ipswich Polycarbonates - supplies polycarbonate in all sizes and glazing bars for all conservatories and car ports for the general public and tradesmen in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex. We offer a quick, efficient quotation service at very competitive rates with quotations over the phone and, if required, can deliver within 2 to 3 days to an address in Suffolk or Essex.

Our polycarbonates division can supply all requirements for the installation of roofing materials, from lead flashing right through to the plastic end closures that run into the gutter. We also offer a useful advisory service on all polycarbonate materials and glazing accessories. At Falcon Windows, we are straight-talking and won't blind with unnecessary levels of technical jargon or detail, advising in layman's terms to make ordering easy. If required a free survey service is also available.

These are different types & thickness polycarbonate sheets we stock

Full range of different types & thickness polycarbonate sheets stocked

These are easy fit glazing bars with the plastic capping strip on top

Easy-fit glazing bars with the plastic capping strip on top

This is the rafter support bar designed for installing glass or polycarbonate onto car-ports or conservatories

Rafter support bar designed for installing glass or polycarbonate onto car-ports or conservatories

Car Ports

Falcon Windows in Ipswich have supplied and installed many domestic and commercial car ports throughout Suffolk and Essex over the past 20 years. The strong, powder-coated white or brown aluminium car port is installed with either clear, bronze or opal 16mm triple wall polycarbonate roof panels, our most popular material.

Worthwhile protection from the weather & more

Our car ports provide valuable protection for your vehicles. They don't just offer protection from the wind and rain, but from falling leaves, birds and from the snow and ice in winter. What's more a wet vehicle stored in a garage will still be damp when you need it, but a car port has the added advantage that air can circulate around the vehicle and dry it out, whilst protecting your car from the elements.

Strangely though, a car port can protect more than just your car. You'll soon feel the benefit when you keep dry getting the shopping out of the boot on a rainy day, or when you discover that it's great place to get the washing dry when the weather it wet!

A practical investment for your property

A car port can add value to your property. Robust car ports from Falcon Windows' polycarbonates division, Ipswich Polycarbonates, are designed to combine strength with endurance, to be aesthetically pleasing and would look really smart on the side of a bungalow or house. It's important to note too that all our ports come with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee on labour and materials supplied.

Car ports come in a range of sizes - from 3.5 m up to 10 m long - and normally project out approximately 2.5 m. If planning permission and covenant consents are required, these can be arranged with your local council.

Most car ports installed by Falcon Windows' polycarbonates divisions can be completed within one day (weather permitting) by one of our skilled installation team.

For more information or a free site survey, design and quotation please contact Falcon Windows carports on (01473) 288690.

See our car ports case studies here.

Timber car ports

At Falcon Windows Ipswich we do also still offer timber car ports, such as the ever-popular, traditional free-standing flat-roof timber construction.
For further information about the styling and installation method of Falcon timber-framed car ports, please click here.

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Smoking Shelters

Smoking shelters in Ipswich and Suffolk have been increasingly requested in recent years due to the smoking ban inside public places. Falcon Windows has successfully installed smoking shelters in Felixstowe, Hadleigh and Stowmarket. These are easily installed and allow employees to smoke outside Suffolk business premises, in the fresh air without getting wet.

Polycarbonates Installation - Key components

Don't forget that all polycarbonate installations from Falcon Windows polycarbonate division come with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

PVC-u Capped Rafter Bar

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

A strong, lightweight, easy to fit rafter supported glazing bar that accommodates 10mm, 16mm and 25mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting. Highly flexible it is ideal for most applications.

Key Features

  • Single Bar accommodates three popular sheet thicknesses
  • Recessed grooves in base provides secured housing for sealed gasket and PVC-u edge trim
  • Co-extruded lip on cap provides for water-tight finish whilst permitting thermal expansion of sheet.
  • Includes attractive snap-on end cap
  • Available in a large range of sizes including 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 5m and 6m lengths
  • Compatible with both the Living Space and Sun-wood range of closures
  • Available in white or brown

Aluminium Capped Rafter Bar

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

A robust, maintenance free glazing bar that accommodates all popular thicknesses of Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting. Highly adaptable, it is ideal where extreme variations in temperature are experienced.

Key Features

  • Quality aluminium capping with powder-coated finish
  • Full width TPR gasket for application directly onto roof timbers
  • Recessed groove in aluminium cap provides secure housing for TPR sealing gaskets
  • Snap-on end cover provides neat finish without screw holes

Sun-wood Aluminium Rafter Main Bar

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

Available in both 50mm and 60mm wide variants, the Sun wood rafter main bar is manufacturered from resilient powder coated aluminium and has a streamlined appearance with the fixings secured underneath the cover cap. Suitable for use with both multiwall polycarbonate and glass (including soft coat glass).

  • Available in brown and white powder-coated aluminium
  • Sold in 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m lengths
  • Gasket has a removable central pip if not used with 3mm groove
  • Stainless steel screws included
  • End caps sold separately

Polycarbonate Roofing Samples

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Lean-to Canopies

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

Our lean-to canopy at Falcon Windows' polycarbonate division, Ipswich Polycarbonates, is our most popular and traditional in our range of canopies. It provides a practical solution to most school applications such as learning, playing or waiting areas. The canopy has a mono-pitched roof shape and can either be a free-standing structure or it can be attached to a building (subject to site survey).

The lean-to polycarbonate canopy system is available in white powder-coated aluminium as standard with a choice of clear, opal or bronze tinted, shatterproof polycarbonate sheeting. It is also possible to have the frame powder-coated in a colour of your choice (eg. school colours) as an optional extra.

Highly adaptable, our lean-to polycarbonate canopy is a modular system which can be added to seamlessly should you wish to extend its length in the future. At Falcon Windows, we are often approached for extensions to existing structures - once schools use their canopy and feel its benefit, they often wish to make these benefits available to more children and staff.

Curved Roof Canopies

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

The curved roof canopy from Falcon Windows is a heavy duty, commercial structure with an elegant arched roofline. It is ideal for covering large projections whilst maintaining a look that is aesthetically pleasing.

Ideally suited to outdoor eating areas, covered play areas or walkways, this structure can span unlimited lengths, whilst allowing projections of up to 6 metres without the need for intermediary legs. The structural aluminium framework can be painted a colour of your choice to match in with the school's surroundings and the innovative bars used on the roof can accommodate different types of glazing material.

The soft and flowing lines of the curved roof canopy give a clean and contemporary look to a strong and highly practical structure.

Custom Structures

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

At Falcon Windows polycarbonates, we can also create bespoke polycarbonate structures according to your needs using our own roofing system.

We offer a full design service and can create gable, gazebo, hipped or L shaped - valley or hipped - canopies as appropriate.

Why not give the Falcon Windows polycarbonate division - Ipswich Polycarbonates - a call to discuss your requirements. Our friendly expert team are ready to advise you and prepare a no obliagion quotation on request.

Additional services & useful extras

As well as being specialists in the manufacture and installation of canopies, Falcon Windows also supply a range of complementary products and services for schools, colleges and universities.


We can clad the sides or front of any canopy supplied by us which gives you an enclosed space with extra protection from the wind and driving rain.

Post Protectors

We can offer padded post protectors which are especially useful for primary schools and nurseries where smaller children are at play .

Falcon Windows Water Butts

Water Butts

We can also supply and fit a water butt to go with your canopy. These are a great eco-friendly way of collecting water for school outdoor gardening projects. Our water butts have child safe lids for maximum peace of mind.


We also have a range of smoking and bicycle shelters which can either be attached to the wall or completely separate from your building. These are manufactured from powder-coated aluminium and are available in a range of styles. If you do not see the structure you are looking for here on our website please do get in touch - we are always receptive to suggestions and new ideas.

Falcon Windows Polycarbonates

Canopy erected over an entrance to a business, allowing clients to arrive protected from the rain and also doubling up as a smoking shelter

Falcon Windows Car Ports

Curved car port canopy - slightly non-standard, but very attractive

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Timber & Steel Supported Systems

Snap down Glazing Bar System

For simple mono-pitch roofs such as car ports, porches and gazebos, the snap-down glazing bar range is a cost effective solution. Available in white and brown the three position cap system caters for 10mm - 16mm and 25mm polycarbonate. A separate bar is available for 25-35mm polycarbonate applications.

Snap tight Rafter Bar

Snap tight Rafter Bar

Falcon Windows Water Butts

Cross Section of Bar

Falcon Windows Water Butts

Aluminium "F" Section Profile

Polycarbonate colours available

Click here to download details of the coloured plastic, acrylics and polycarbonates we can supply.

Polycarbonate roof & conservatory cleaning service

Conservatory Cleaning service in ipswich and Suffolk Stowmarket and Felixstowe

Our Falcon Windows conservatory cleaning service in Ipswich, Suffolk, Stowmarket and Felixstowe offers a polycarbonate roof and conservatory cleaning service which will make it look like new for a reasonable amount of money.

We also repair leaking conservatory roofs in Ipswich, Felixstowe Stowmarket and Suffolk.

We have found that many customers that we have helped to resolve their leaking conservatories were appreciative as they had found it very difficult to find companies prepared to take on such work.

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Case Studies

A polycarbonate roof in Woodbridge which we completely replaced. The photos below show the progression of the job.

A Replacement of polycarbonate sheeting in a swimming pool enclosure in Ufford

Car Ports Case Studies

Car port structure case studies

These show just a few examples of work completed for customers in the Suffolk and North Essex areas.