Falcon Windows: the installer of choice in quality PVC-u composite doors and aluminium bi-folding doors in Ipswich Suffolk and Essex.

At Falcon Windows we offer the latest ranges in quality composite doors and space-enhancing uPVC, wood or aluminium bi-folding doors with warm-core technology, plus patio doors, stable doors, garage door replacements and accessories for all your residential and commercial property needs in Suffolk or North Essex.

Composite Doors

For more than a decade we have seen amazing innovation in the quality of composite doors available for us to fit in Suffolk and North Essex houses. As the entrance way to your home, a door creates a lasting first impression and fitting a smart, quality door which will continue to look good over a long period of time is an important decision.

Falcon Windows have long been one of best known UPVC installers in Ipswich and one of the most popular front door installers in Ipswich and Suffolk. Our attractive, coloured, wood-effect composite doors with high security locking and excellent draft proof seals have been amongst our best-selling products for many years.

Take a look at our video here to see the wide range of composite doors Falcon can offer and how a stylish composite door could transform the look of your home.

We have had many customers proudly comment how they have been able to change the look of their property from the front completely thanks to their new residential composite door from Falcon Windows. Read, see and hear what our customers say here.

Composite Doors - Detail & Specification

All of our composite doors come fitted with:

Composite Doors Specification
Composite Doors
  • 2 hook and 3 deadbolt white wrap around lock PAS 23/24 Certification and police preferred security specification
  • 45mm back set
  • White powder coated aluminium wrap around faceplate to two sides
  • Adjustable top, bottom and centre keep system lever-lever or lever-pad function (optional)
  • 3 x 3 way adjustable hinge meets requirement of BS EN 1670:1998


Through colour click fit glazing system with grained effect. Pre-finished to match door, Pre-glazed with 26mm thickness double-glazed, Glazed units incorporate toughened or laminate glass to BS6206 (Low E glass may be supplied but not required for compliance with Part L1 of the building regulations for England & Wales).

PVC Outer Frame

Offered in 70mm thickness, 70mm profile fitted with 1 bubble gasket and two brush seals (triple seal). Supplied as welded goal post frame with 150 cill attached as standard other options available. Steel reinforced PVCu outer-frame, PVCu Highly UV stabilised BS1006 1978. High impact resistant. Profile tested to BS476 Part 7 1971 have achieved a class 2 minimum surface spread of flame rating. Low coefficient of thermal conductivity has insulation properties of 0.035 W/M c three times better insulation than a timber alternative. High Impact resistance.

Lock & Hinge

White wrap-around lock PAS 23/24 Certification and police-preferred security specification, 45mm back set, White powder coated aluminium wrap around faceplate to two edges. Adjustable top, bottom and centre keep system. Lever-lever or lever-pad function (optional). 3D Challenger butt hinge x 3 allows for lateral +2mm 2mm, height +3mm and compression 0.75mm +0.75mm adjustment while the door is closed. Meets requirement of BS EN 1670:1998. High security pin and locking screw. Other lock specifications available on request.

Composite Doors Knocker

Threshold or Weather Bar

Low 14.5mm threshold PAS 23/24 certified. Part M compliant options available. 150 cill fitted as standard.
Click here to find out more about typical threshold details and options.

Door Furniture

At Falcon Windows, our composite residential doors offer a wide range of door handles and door knobs to letter boxes and door knockers. These are displayed in our door brochures, with further indicative examples of our door furniture styles in our gallery here.

Read more about our composite doors here.

Door Brochures

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Click here, for further useful examples of composite door styles representative of those fitted by Falcon Windows.
Click here, for further useful examples of panel door styles representative of those fitted by Falcon Windows.

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Bring the outside in with bi-folding doors

Bi Folding Doors

Falcon Windows bi-folding doors provide a wide range of ‘glass wall’ solutions which create additional living space for today's contemporary lifestyle. Imagine a clear, glass wall on the side of your property, one that you can open and close - that’s pretty close to what a bi-fold door would be like in your Suffolk home.

Bi-folding doors open back on themselves and concertina to one side or the other inside or out, with the main door operating like a normal door. By bringing the outside in, these innovative doors have a way of revealing previously ‘hidden’ or ‘restricted’ space, opening things up for entertaining or family life with an inviting and comforting ambience.

Standard PVC-u French doors or PVC-u patio doors tend to have size limitations, but the Falcon Windows bi-folding PVC-u or aluminium door system can create an opening up to an impressive 6 metres in width.

Bi Folding Doors

There’s a broad range of styles and designs too and one can even have central doors which slide opposite ways - it just depends on what you prefer.

Ipswich bi-folding sliding doors installed by Falcon Windows around Suffolk open inwards or out wards and come in standard finishes including white, anthracite grey, wood grain, rosewood, golden oak.

They can also be factory sprayed using impressive paint technologies tested across the automotive industry to any RAL colour of your choice.

Why not be just as creative as you want and let the Falcon Windows bi-folding PVC-u door open your mind to a whole new range of possibilities and way of living?

Bi-folding doors - so much more than a patio door

Bi Folding Doors

When we say that Falcon Windows bi-folding doors can bring the outside inside, that's exactly what you can achieve and we’re finding that more and more people choose bi-folding doors because it blends the garden into the home.

The unique multi-panel folding operation means you don't have to have all the panels open if you don't want to. They incorporate the latest locking mechanisms found in modern double glazed entrance and patio doors, so they're also very secure. The number of panels will usually depend on the span or opening to be covered, with a typical panel width being the same as one opener on a patio door.

Our sliding folding door frames are available in wood, aluminium or PVC-u, depending on the span and height required. Aluminium bi-folding doors are recommended for wider spans as these are much stronger and each leaf can go up to 1300 mm wide.

Aluminium Folding Doors

Falcon Windows now installs aluminium folding doors in Ipswich and many of the villages in Suffolk. We have also installed concertina doors in Felixstowe and coloured aluminium doors in Stowmarket as well as installing aluminium shop fronts in Hadleigh Main Street, giving business owners a maintenance-free and extremely robust shop frontage.

Having concertina or bi-folding sliding doors fitted into your home delivers the benefit of having your garden become part of your house, especially in summer. Once set up and installed, aluminium doors very rarely need a service call – a benefit over PVC-u doors which may meet with gradual movement over time.

WarmCore-Innovative aluminium bi-folding doors are warm at heart

WarmCore Bi Folding Doors

The latest next generation of bi-folding doors is the warm core bi-folding door installed by Falcon Windows in Ipswich and all round Suffolk. This fantastic new technology with impressive strength and thermal properties combines both PVC-u and aluminium, giving our customers the best of both materials.

As aluminium is a good conductor of energy, aluminium has a reputation for the warmth inside your home escaping outside to leave you with higher heating bills. However the Warm Core technologies have overcome this by replacing a small section of the aluminium with plastic to lessen the heat loss.

The full width insulated thermal plastic ‘warm core’ is cladded inside and out with a strong aluminium framework, giving durability with unparalleled insulation – it is 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium systems with ‘warm core’ double glazed bi-folding doors achieving an insulation U value of 1.3 and triple glazed doors reaching an incredible 0.8.

WarmCore bi-folding doors are available in standard colours - anthracite grey, black, brown or white – or can be sprayed any RAL colour or your choosing.

And finally – WarmCore bi-folding doors are extremely fitter-friendly, incorporating some very intuitive ideas regarding the installation process. With a superb quality product which can transform any home, it’s hardly surprising then Falcon Windows have had rave customer reviews for our installs.

Read further information about warm core bi-folding doors here.

Door Brochures

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Patio Doors

There may be other solutions on the market these days, but patio doors are an inexpensive option if you’re looking to be able to open up your home to the rear of your property. Less expensive than French doors, our Ipswich-based patio doors are still a popular style of installation.

Patio doors are generally between 1800 -2400 mm wide and depending on their width, you’ll have the advantage of not impeding space either inside or out, as most doors can slide across on the inside from one side to the other.

French doors win an advantage over patio doors in that both doors can be opened simultaneously, giving you a wider opening, and if your doors are set forward to the face of the brick, they will fold back on themselves, to be tied back to the brickwork with brass or black tiebacks – all very handy in the summer months of course, if you're having a barbecue!

Door Brochures

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Stable Doors

Stable Doors

At Falcon Windows Ipswich, our range of superb stable doors give you the option of different colours inside and out. High security, fully adjustable, multi-point locking systems are an important factor in these safe yet very stylish stable doors and the lower half of the door also has a neat thumb turn cylinder.

A high security interlocking door bolt to secure the top and bottom halves of the door together is fitted as standard.

Stable doors are particularly popular because of their practical nature, especially if you have pets or little ones around. It's great to be able to have the top half open to allow more ventilation and light, reassured in the knowledge that everyone is still safe inside.

Composite stable doors from Falcon Windows are made from a very durable compression-moulded GRP slab.When you order from Falcon Windows, it is good to know that the whole Sternfenster Windows Systems stable door set has met police preferred specifications and been awarded the 'Secured by Design' stamp of approval, tested to the rigorous PAS 023/024 standards for enhanced security.

Whatever style or colour of stable door you require, you’ll be able to find a top quality Falcon composite stable door that’s right for you.

Read further information about composite stable doors here.

Residential Door Repairs in Ipswich Suffolk

Falcon Windows Doors

At Falcon Windows we also offer a dedicated repair service for residential doors in Ipswich Felixstowe and Stowmarket that do not close properly. Give us a call on 01473 288690 or mobile 07887 525155 and we will arrange a convenient time to call round and give you a free quotation.

Garage door replacement in Ipswich & Suffolk

Need new garage doors but don’t know where to start? Talk to our expert team at Falcon Windows and learn more about another part of our business - replacement of garage doors within Ipswich and Suffolk.

It’s not surprising perhaps that once brand new windows and a new front door have been installed in a property, owners often look at the garage door and conclude that has generally seen better days. Garage doors can be replaced from as little as £750, but can also cost as much as £2000 depending on the style required and whether doors are remotely controlled. Although we only undertake a small number of garage door replacements in Ipswich each year, we find customers more than satisfied with the outcome as it complements our windows installation extremely well.

Falcon Windows also offers a garage door repair service in Ipswich, Suffolk and North Essex.

Why not give Falcon Windows a call to find out how we can help with your door and garage door repair requirements?

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