Polycarbonate Structures & Supplies in Suffolk & North Essex

Falcon Windows Ipswich: Suffolk polycarbonate provider and installer of choice for roofs, car ports, canopies, shelters and supplies

At Falcon Windows we have extensive experience in the design and installation of quality polycarbonate structures including car ports, canopies, porches, covered terraces or entrance ways and shelters. We also supply sheet polycarbonate and components parts direct to the general public and tradesmen in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex.

Why choose Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate sheeting can make a formidable alternative to regular glazing materials. The main attraction is that this group of thermoplastic polymers is very robust, yet relatively lightweight and can allow good light transmission. It can be molded, optically transparent, single or multi-wall and is very versatile.

This makes it ideal for engineering applications like outdoor canopy structures designed to give protection and cover where strength-to-weight ratio is important.

  • Impressive strength-to-weight ratio
  • Good light transmission
  • Exceptional resistance to impact
  • Good weatherability
  • UV control capacity options through coatings and solar reflective inserts
  • Versatile - flat sheet /curved panel possibilities
  • Available in different tints / colours

Click here to download details of the coloured plastic, acrylics and polycarbonates we can supply.

Suppliers of Polycarbonate Roofing Products & Installation Accessories

Falcon Windows Ipswich are experienced designers and installers of polycarbonate structures for homes, schools or businesses throughout Suffolk and north Essex, but we are also supply polycarbonates to the general public and tradesmen.

Our carefully sourced polycarbonate is available in all sheet sizes, thicknesses and a wide range of tints and types. We also supply glazing bars, lead flashing, plastic end closures that run into the gutter and other components and accessories for the polycarbonate roofing of conservatories, car ports, canopies and shelters.

At Falcon Windows, we are straight-talking and won't blind with unnecessary levels of technical jargon or detail, advising in layman's terms to make ordering easy.

We offer great products at competitive rates with easy ordering, straight-talking advice, a free survey service and polycarbonate sheeting delivery to Suffolk and Essex addresses in 2-3 days if required.

These are different types & thickness polycarbonate sheets we stock

Full range of different types & thickness polycarbonate sheets stocked

These are easy fit glazing bars with the plastic capping strip on top

Easy-fit glazing bars with the plastic capping strip on top

This is the rafter support bar designed for installing glass or polycarbonate onto car-ports or conservatories

Rafter support bar for installing glass or polycarbonate onto car ports or conservatories

Polycarbonate Roof Structures - Types of Systems

Independent, mono-pitch lean-to or cantilever? Timber or steel supported? Curved or flat panel polycarbonate sheeting? The options for your polycarbonate structure are many and Falcon Windows are here to advise and help.

Whether you are looking for a canopy for your sun terrace, a car port on the side of your house, a shelter over the bike racks for your business or a smart covered porch canopy over the entrance to your commercial premises, we can help create the best option for your location, requirements and budget.

Timber & Steel Supported Systems

Where structures are to be free-standing, or where there is adequate space to allow for the positioning of columns or posts, the roofing frames may be held by robust steel or timber supports.

Lean-to Systems

These benefit from existing presence of a solid structural wall, so that the polycarbonate roof structure need only be supported independently by posts on one side. A space-saving formula, often adopted by car ports adjacent to a house.

Cantilever Systems

Smart and eye-catching, these are excellent solutions for straightforward mono-pitch roofs on car ports or porches where space does not allow for the inclusion of support posts.

Custom Structures

Bespoke polycarbonate canopy structures can be also be designed and created to meet specific requirements. They may be gable or gazebo style, hipped or L shaped style - either valley or hipped as appropriate. Ask the Falcon Windows Ipswich team for advice and we will be pleased to prepare a no obligation quotation on request. 

Helping you to replace an existing polycarbonate roof effectively

If you have a small lean-to shed, covered corridor or walkway with an aging polycarbonate roof, then it’s important to replace it before wind or weather damage occurs which may leave your roof covering unsafe or unsightly. 

Even though polycarbonate sheeting has a considerable life-span, it may become brittle over time and then falling branches or even aggressive hailstones can soon do serious damage to your roof and your property. 

Polycarbonate technologies have made considerable progress in recent years too, so you’re sure to find that a replacement roof in the latest quality polycarbonate sheeting and complementing new components will be not just smarter, but more efficient products and possibly better suited to your specific needs. 

Whether you have a small porch or large-scale polycarbonate 'greenhouse' structure covering your swimming pool needing attention, Falcon Windows Ipswich Polycarbonates Division can help.

Don't forget that all polycarbonate installations from Falcon Windows Ipswich polycarbonate division come with a full 2 year warranty for real peace of mind.

Discover all about our versatile trade and consumer polycarbonate sheeting and component supplies here>>

Cleaning Services for Polycarbonate Roofs & Conservatories

Conservatory Cleaning service in ipswich and Suffolk Stowmarket and Felixstowe

Our Falcon Windows conservatory cleaning service in Ipswich, Suffolk, Stowmarket and Felixstowe offers a polycarbonate roof and conservatory cleaning service which will make it look like new for a reasonable amount of money.

We also repair leaking conservatory roofs in Ipswich, Felixstowe Stowmarket and Suffolk.

We have found that many customers that we have helped to resolve their leaking conservatories were appreciative as they had found it very difficult to find companies prepared to take on such work.

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Additional Services & Useful Little Extras

As well as being specialists in the manufacture and installation of canopies, Falcon Windows also supply a range of complementary products and services for schools, colleges and universities.


Need extra protection from the wind and driving rain? We can clad the sides or front of any canopy supplied by us to give you an enclosed space.

Post Protectors

Worried about little ones running into the posts while distracted at play? Ask us about padded post protectors - a particular favourite with primary schools and nurseries.

Falcon Windows Water Butts

Water Butts

Channel the rainwater from your canopy and put it to good use around your patio tubs or garden by asking Falcon to fit water butts.

Our water butts come with child safe lids for maximum peace of mind and have proven a hit with schools where we have installed a covered area - all in all, a great eco-friendly way of saving water and pouring success on school outdoor gardening projects.

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