Flush Sash Windows in Ipswich, Suffolk

Falcon Windows: the installer of choice in flush-fitting sash windows in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex.

Superbly stylish, maintenance free and thermally efficient – what’s not to like about flush sash windows, the latest in double-glazing technology for your Suffolk home or business?

At Falcon Windows Ipswich, more and more of our customers are enjoying the high performance and smart look of this impressive range of quality uPVC profiles, especially designed to deliver ‘flush-fitted’ windows where the sash fits completely level with the surrounding window frame.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, upvc flush-fitting sash windows are proving a popular home-improvement choice whether your property is a 21st century new-build or even a building with heritage at its heart. With nearly four decades of windows installation experience, Falcon Windows Ipswich know a quality windows product when they see it. Why not watch our video to see what we mean?

Flush-fitting sash windows explained

Of course flush sash windows in themselves are nothing new really. The style has a history going back a couple of centuries and it was only in the 1950s that ‘lipped’ windows - where the window sits proud of the frame - became the ‘norm’. 

Flush fitting windows don’t just look less bulky and sleeker than other lipped fitting options, they can be a very viable and cost-effective solution for older, heritage properties as well as more contemporary homes.  

What is new however is way that advances in double-glazing technology have revolutionised the flush-fitting sash window. Thermally efficient double-glazed units with warm edge super spacer bars give protection against solar gain and heat loss and deliver better noise insulation. Secure by design, they can give real peace of mind – then there’s the advantage of windows which need no painting and are maintenance free.

‘Can’t believe it’s not timber’ technology  

But it’s the clever seamless weld technology which has been the real game-changer and made flush-fitting upvc sash windows a solution for many homes, businesses and period properties across Suffolk and Essex. The process delivers a really authentic timber look and this wood finish comes in a range of convincing colour and grain options too, so you can choose the one most appropriate for your property.

Kiss goodbye to warping, rotting and painting and say hello to flush-fitting sash windows which are not only quality checked to the highest level, but come with a 10 year guarantee on all upvc profiles including wood grain options.    

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