Sliding Sash Windows

Falcon Windows Sliding Sash Windows

Traditional in style, double glazed sash windows installed by Falcon Windows Ipswich are particularly suitable for period homes and listed buildings in Suffolk. Sash windows can also be used in porches and walkways where outward opening windows are not viable.

The top and bottom window sashes move up and down. When open, they allow for plenty of ventilation to the room.

The sashes can be tilted in for easy cleaning of the exterior of the glass - a particularly useful feature for windows above ground floor level. Sliding sash windows also come with travel restrictors, giving you peace of mind should the windows be fitted in a child's bedroom.

uPVC sliding sash windows

PVC-u sliding sash windows inspired by classic designs are available and a popular choice should you wish to add a more rustic and traditional feel to your property, yet still enjoy all the benefits of a modern, easy to maintain uPVC frames.

These may come complete with sash horns and astral bars. Many features such as sash locks, lifts and pole eyes are generally fitted as standard.

Transom drops (usually 50/50) can also be specified to any custom measurement ( 60/40; 70/30).

All our uPVC sliding sash windows can also be coupled to produce canted and 90 degree bays with factory-fitted bay poles and capping.



Falcon Windows Sliding Sash Windows fastenings

Falcon Windows sliding sashes work well in combination with picture windows and arched windows giving additional architectural styling. By choosing Georgian bars or astral external bars and fixings, it is possible to personalize the window styling and add further to the aesthetics of the window.

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