Patio Doors in Ipswich, Suffolk

Falcon Windows: the installer of choice in aluminium and uPVC patio doors in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex.

Smooth, sleek and stylish – aluminium patio doors from Falcon Windows make great additions to your home whichever way you look at them.

You’ll want to enjoy them from the outside, as you relax in your garden or dine out on the terrace in the sunshine - but when it’s time to cosy up inside, you’ll love the way they share the view and bring in lots of light without any suggestion of a draft or adverse  impact on your heating bills.

Whether you choose superb aluminium or uPVC, the real joy of sliding patio doors in your Suffolk home though has to be the ease of access it gives and way that, unlike French doors, they generally keep both your room-space and patio-space totally free and unimpeded when open.

Want easy access to your veranda, terrace or balcony?
What about making that kitchen breakfast area a wonderful window onto the world? Patio doors are simply a great way to enjoy more of the view, whether that’s the bluetits on the birdfeeder or what’s on the horizon beyond the balcony.

Beautifully engineered patio doors

Patio Doors

A family-run business for nearly four decades, at Falcon Windows Ipswich we pride ourselves on our selection of quality products which are tried and tested and represent great value for money. Personal service is at the heart of everything we do – and that includes supporting you in making the right your choice of patio doors for your home or business. 

Our glazed patio doors have been selected for their reliability, security – both in terms of the quality glazing and locking mechanisms, energy efficiency and ability to run smoothly as well as their good looks. Our selection of aluminium patio doors are super-sleek, but reassuringly robust for real peace of mind.

You can customize our patio door products to the style of your property, choosing from a 2,3 or 4 pane door plus a wide selection of colours and finishes – or use the opportunity to give your home or business premises a makeover, but selecting a look that’s a refreshing change. To complete the patio door look of your choice, you’ll find a great range of patio door handles and patio door furniture in the Falcon Windows portfolio too. 

Always keen to keep your patio doors on track

Patio Doors

When Falcon Windows Ipswich complete an installation of patio doors, we want you to enjoy your smart new installation to the full. We’ll share some of our insights into how you can keep your easy-clean uPVC or aluminium sliding patio doors in tip-top condition, by using them appropriately and carrying out simple checks that rollers, tracks and locks are all working effectively. Over time, your patio doors like any product with working parts may require minimal adjustment as a result of use, so a quick regular maintenance check is always good practice.

Looking for patio door installation in Suffolk or Essex or patio door maintenance?   Why not give us a call?

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