Cat-flap & Pet-flap Installation

Cat and Dog Flaps in Suffolk

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An expertly installed pet-flap by Falcon Windows will do more than just give your favourite four-legged friend the right to roam. It will give you real peace of mind. Relax in the knowledge that your pet can escape the heat in summer or come in from the winter cold, whilst your home stays warm, safe and secure.

All pet-flaps carefully selected by Falcon Windows are robust and high quality. We know from our experience how tough they need to be, what mechanisms work well and the best options for your required location (in door panels / glazed units etc.).

Our pet-flap units have a 3 year warranty and our cat-flap and pet-flap installation service comes with a full guarantee.

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What type of pet-flaps do you fit?

Our professional, Ipswich-based pet-flap fitters install pet-flaps for cats and dogs primarily. Dog-flaps come in three sizes (small / medium / large) and particularly if you choose to purchase your unit yourself to supply for fitting, it is important to secure the right size for your pet's comfort.

Cat and Dog Flaps in Suffolk

At Falcon Ipswich our pet-flap fitters install two main brands of pet-flap unit.

'Sure-flap' microchip-operated cat flaps are a market-leader. These give you the enhanced peace of mind that only your pet will be able to access your property. The systems work with your pet's existing common micro-chip.

What's more, thanks to technological advances, your Sure-flap pet-flap can also connect via a hub to an online app! So if you wish, you can even control it remotely, programme it to lock at certain times and even monitor pet activity.

'Staywell' cat-flaps are Falcon's other pet-flap brand of choice which can include 'anti-intruder' mechanisms where your pet wears a 'key' on its collar. We feel these are some of the better pet-flaps out there in today's market place, but we are always reviewing our products and their performance to ensure that we only fit the best cat-flaps available.

Where can I have my pet-flap installed?

Cat and Dog Flaps in Suffolk

We have installed and replaced cat-flap units and pet-flaps for dogs in countless Suffolk and north Essex homes and every requirement is different. Most home-owners choose to have their pet-flap installed into a door - often the back door or a porch door - but windows may be the preference for people living in apartments.

Doors - Falcon Windows can install pet-flaps of all sizes into toughened, clear and obscure units. We can set your cat-flap into a plastic door panels even if your door is of a stylish, decorative designs and can even fit it professionally into your composite door.

Entrance doors to your property may have a metal skin, or perhaps aluminium or steel re-inforcements within the door panel, but this is not an issue for our experienced professional pet-flap installers.

Windows - Pet-flaps can be installed into single glazing, but for the safety of your pet, Falcon Windows insists on using only toughened safety glass for the job.

Why choose Falcon Windows to fit your pet-flap in your Ipswich home?

Cat and Dog Flaps in Suffolk

Many people ask whether pet-flaps quick or easy to fit. The answer is yes-if you know what you are doing! Having a pet-flap fitted professionally will not compromise your home's security or the look of your property in any way. Expert cat-flap installers from Falcon Windows Ipswich can fit your Suffolk home with a pet-flap swiftly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Above all our experience ensures that your pet-flap installation will be appropriately positioned; safe and ready for use; covered by a 3 year unit warranty; smartly finished and installed by experienced fitters who are fully mindful of the composition of the unit it is being installed into and whose workmanship is also guaranteed.

We can also fit cat-flaps into reinforced plain white panels.

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