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French Doors

Falcon Windows: the installer of choice for uPVC, wood and aluminium French doors in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex.

French doors from Falcon Windows Ipswich are hinged fully or part-glazed double doors which can be opened independently or together and framed in combination with additional windows/side ‘lights’. Available in smart, easy-clean uPVC, slimline aluminium or traditional timber frames, French doors are excellent ways to bring light into any room and create the illusion of more space in your home. Falcon Windows Ipswich have decades of experience in selecting and installing great quality French doors which represent real value for money.

Why French Doors?

Smart, stylish, chic - French doors from Falcon Windows Ipswich can be a design statement and bring a touch of ‘bijou-boutique’ to your home. Today we’re proud to install British-manufactured ‘French’ doors, designed and tested to the highest UK standards.

Originally however this style of glazed double doors was designed to give easy access to balconies in 17th century French homes. Their versatility soon made them highly popular, together with the natural light and open feeling they can bring to your home – even when they are shut!

Today, French doors aren’t just highly practical and easy to open, but are constructed with high levels of safety and security in mind. With a wide variety of frame styles and colours you can complement your traditional or contemporary home, reflect your personal style and add value to your property too.

Above all, correctly installed French doors fitted with high performance double or triple glazed units, can bring your energy bills down, whilst (we like to think) keeping your spirits up - thanks to all that extra natural light, extended vistas and garden views you can enjoy every day, all year round. Formidable, n’est-ce-pas?! 

Why choose French Doors for your home?

French doors can be fitted both between rooms inside your property, or in external walls to give outdoor access.

French Doors

Compared to sliding patio doors, symmetrical glazed French doors give you the choice of a wider opening. The double doors can be opened singly or simultaneously. Having your doors set forward to the face of the brickwork also allows them to fold back on themselves and hooked open to create a wide opening. 

Compared to bi-folding doors, glazed double doors (often referred to as ‘French windows’) can provide a good-sized, traditional-style opening, without the need for tracking or extensive hinges/moving parts which may require keeping clear of debris and a level of regular maintenance. Hinged French doors can be more affordable and easily installed as replacement units to provide a high percentage of glass coverage. What’s more, they can be installed to open specifically into a room – or outwards (into a garden space/another room if internal doors), so space within a room does not have to be compromised.

Interior French doors allow light to flow through your home from one room to the next and create a more open feel to any home. It’s a win-win, because the spaces can still remain separate, retain degrees of privacy and benefit from being heated/ ventilated independently. A grid of panes is often a popular choice for French doors located between reception rooms, particularly in more traditional-style homes, whereas glazed-to-the-floor French doors are a clear favourite for access to conservatories or garden rooms.    

Exterior French doors can provide easy access to the patio or garden. Once opened, external French doors can be hooked back to make your room into a continuous space with your outside area.

Are French Doors a good investment?

French Doors

At Falcon Windows many of our customers comment how their newly installed French doors have a transformed their room and the way they use their home and garden spaces in combination. Those replacing failing or tired-looking patio doors with smart new French door equivalents are often blown away by the sleeker-look and coloured frame options now available to them and the efficiency of the high performance glass on offer.

Installing or replacing French doors is an investment and may not be the most inexpensive option in the patio doors portfolio from Falcon Windows, but the longevity, security and longer term cost-savings make it a worthwhile choice.

Why choose Falcon Windows Ipswich for your French door installation?

Falcon Windows is an expert installer of quality and value for money French window solutions across all styles/ materials of French patio door frames and all types of residential and commercial properties.

Our French window products have a full 10 year insurance-backed guarantee and include quality glazing and locking mechanisms for your peace of mind.

Every installation is undertaken by our own skilled and highly experienced teams of fitters. Our personal service and reputation for attentive aftercare is something which all members of our family-run company take particular pride in.

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