Composite Doors

Falcon Windows composite doors provide a secure modern front or back door for any property in Ipswich, Suffolk, North Essex or beyond. Our smart and highly insulated composite doors are custom-made and come with a choice of door designs, colours, a range of glass options as well as a wide selection of handles and accessories.

Low maintenance and requiring no painting or varnishing, composite doors from Falcon Windows have a full 10 year manufacturer's warranty and are designed to look like an original wooden door - no wonder that they've become really popular with homeowners over the last decade or so! Take a look at our video to find out more.

What's more, because our especially selected ranges of composite doors are very well insulated, customers can enjoy savings of as much as 15% on their energy bills.

Hard-wearing, practical, strong, secure and noise-reducing too, composite doors from Falcon Windows simply tick all the boxes and represent great value for money too. As with all our other PVC-u doors, low threshold options are available, making the doorways full accessible to wheelchair- users.

Composite Doors

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Composite Doors

From simply beautiful to super stylish

An attractive wood-effect with an oak tree grain and slim glazing cassettes give Falcon Windows GRP composite doors a faultless, stylish finish and inspiring appeal. Composite door colours include rosewood, light oak, Chartwell green, anthracite grey, red, blue, medium green, black - and pretty much any other colour of your choice!

You might be tickled pink (or even light mauve!)) by some of our ultra-modern looks with a fashionable long-bar handle for example, or inset glazed panels in alternative patterns. Why not choose one with decorative or stained glass panels, on a curve for something really different.

Even on the most modern, 'busy' styles of composite doors, we can ensure that the good old fashioned letterbox can be accommodated tastefully according to your personal choices, but you might get some feedback from the postman!

Unparalleled in security

The Falcon Windows GRP composite door offers supreme security with its rigid polymer sub frame, high density CFC-free polyurethane foam core, high impact resistant GRP skin and high quality multipoint locks.

PAS 24: 2012 accredited upgrades make our whole Sternfenster Window Systems door assembly 'Secured by Design' endorsed. This is the official UK Police scheme supporting "designing out crime". Tests show that our Falcon Windows GRP composite doors cannot be forced within a realistic time frame, even with the aid of a police battering ram.

Outstanding in durability

Even if it gets knocked about, a Falcon Windows GRP composite door will maintain its perfect appearance thanks to its high impact-resistant glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) skin. This durability is reflected in the all-inclusive manufacturer's structural and surface warranties that come with all our composite doors.

Wonderfully weatherproof & superb for sound insulation

Falcon Windows Doors

Water-resistant polymer composite rails protect the core of our composite doors, so they will not suffer from water absorption which can lead to skin delamination and cause the functional problems often experienced with lesser products. Your composite door from Falcon Windows will keep the weather out and stay looking the business for longer.

A Falcon Windows GRP composite door has a weighted noise reduction of 31 decibels. This means that you can be sure that your new door will keep outside noise to a minimum, especially if you live on a main road.

Marvellously low maintenance

Everything about a Falcon Windows GRP composite door is designed to be straightforward to maintain. This includes the triple-glazed, insulated glazed units which encapsulate the subtle decorative glazing between two panes of glass - a solution which protecting the stylish decoration and makes it easy to keep clean.

Important Information for Ordering a Composite Door from Falcon Windows Ltd

Do Composite Doors Expand in Hot Weather

In response to the question, the simple answer is yes. During the warmer months, it's common for doors to swell, regardless of their quality. Composite doors, while robust, are no exception to this. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause them to expand, potentially leading to difficulties in closing the door.

Why Composite Doors Swell in the Heat and How to Prevent It?

It It's crucial to understand why this swelling occurs and take appropriate preventive measures. When direct sunlight hits your door, it naturally expands, with darker doors being more susceptible to this effect. Excessive heat or frequent exposure can make it challenging to open and close the door as intended. Contemporary concerns about global warming have exacerbated this issue, as the sun's intensity seems to be on the rise.

Preventing Door Expansion Due to Heat

If your door faces south and is a dark color like black, anthracite grey, rosewood, or dark blue, you may encounter more issues due to direct sunlight exposure. One common reason for swelling or bowing is not closing the door properly, such as failing to lift the handle to engage all the locking mechanisms. Inadequate engagement of the locks can also lead to problems with the door hinges.

To prevent your composite door from expanding in the heat, follow these measures:

  1. Lift the handle when closing your front door, ensuring that the locking mechanism fully engages with the outer frame. This guarantees that the door is properly closed, preventing future issues and damage.
  2. Failing to lift the handle when closing the door means it rests only on the middle latch plate, increasing the risk of bowing and swelling, especially during hotter summers.

Implementing these simple actions can extend the lifespan of your door. If you have an AV2 or AV3 slam shut Locking Mechanism, these locks are designed to close correctly every time, reducing potential issues.

Avoiding Leaving the Door Open in Direct Sunlight

It's common to leave doors open to enjoy warm weather, but this practice can have detrimental effects on composite doors. Direct exposure to sunlight, especially on the door's thin edges, can cause swelling. Over time, this may result in discolouration, which falls within acceptable tolerances as defined by BS EN ISO 113,414 paints and varnishes.

Preventative Measures

We recommend regular cleaning of your Composite door. Cleaning should be done at least once a month, but the frequency may vary depending on the door's location and exposure to contaminants like dirt and salt.

Composite Doors Brochures

Composite Doors - Additional Info & Aftercare Brochures