Double Glazing Maintenance

At Falcon Windows we offer a full home improvement service in Ipswich and Suffolk - a level of service, very much appreciated by many of our customers.

We can do this as a result of being in the trade for over 39 years. Over this time we at Falcon Windows have developed the offer of a double glazing repair service that is second to none. If your double glazing has basically seen better days, we can resolve many of its issues by replacing hinges, bubble gaskets, handles, locks and sealed units to bring your windows up to date, relieving the pressure of having to replace them with completely new windows.

This is all part of the Falcon Windows service which results in so happy customers - why not find out what our customers have to say here.

Window Handle Repairs Ipswich

Window Handles
We replace all types of window handles for most PVC-u systems

Door Handle Repairs Suffolk

Door Handles
We replace all types of door handles for most PVC-u systems

Window Hinge Repairs Essex

Window Hinges
We replace all types of window hinges for all PVC-u systems

Have you got broken window hinges?

We replace most window hinges for timber, aluminium or PVC-u windows, doors and conservatories.

Have you insecure window handles?

We stock a wide range of key locking window handles for timber,aluminium or PVC-u windows, doors and conservatories.

Is your patio door stiff to slide?

We stock replacement wheels for most sliding patio doors. We can offer a same day service subject to being called before 12 noon.

Have you lost your door key?

We stock replacement euro-cylinder and union (oval) cylinders which are fitted to most double glazed doors.

Have you a broken letter box?

We carry four sizes of letter box in up to four colours for PVC-u residential entrance doors.

General Maintenance

For long-life maintenance, all that's needed is an occasional wipe over with a damp/soaky cloth and a PVC-u cleaner (from most superstores) to keep your windows looking like new.

Remember to add a drop of oil or grease to all handles and hinges now and again and your windows will stay in good working order year in year out.

Locks & Hinges

It is very important to keep sliding door tracks clean of grit and dirt thus ensuring continued ease of operation. If an optional night ventilator is put in, the apertures can be very easily cleaned with the help of a soft bristle brush.

An occasional light spray of WD40 to the door hinges should basically be all that is needed to ensure continued smooth use, but in certain cases a dash of light machine oil can prove a lot more effective. Also a spray of WD40 direct into the lock cylinder will again ensure easy use of the key.


Never attempt to clean glass in direct sunlight, otherwise the glass will dry before you are able to buff. To avoid smears and ideally for best results you should really use a damp leather and also a clean dry cloth. If you do come up against a hard smear, then putting a drop or two of vinegar or methlyated spirits into the water can also help.


If the black sealing strip appears to stick slightly to the frame whilst opening a door or window, then try dusting it very gently with talc without adversely affecting the sealing powder.

Condensation - Tips & Tricks

Condensation occurs when water vapour comes into contact with a cold surface such as glass and the vapour turns to water droplets. Condensation can only ever be minimised and never completely eradicated. Newly constructed conservatories need an initial "drying out" period. Many hundreds of litres of water are used during its construction, i.e. dwarf walls, concrete bases and plasterwork. In wintertime, these will take longer to dry out.

Whilst it is a general fact that changing your lifestyle dramatically may help, you cannot always eradicate condensation. There are always steps that can be taken to reduce the severity of this problem. Condensation occurs as a result of moisture being carried in the air and coming into contact with a temperature source that is at variance with the vapour.

Most of the moisture coming from within the home originates from within the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. In order to provide ventilation and thus lower the risk of condensation, always open as many windows as possible, especially on washing day!

It should be remembered of course that cold rooms give rise to condensation a lot faster than warmer rooms. It is imperative in this case that a near constant temperature level should be maintained wherever possible. Keeping the internal doors closed will substantially restrict the circulation of water vapour inside the home. Obviously during the colder parts of the year, this will involve a degree of heat loss. A cooker hood or extractor fan can definitely help minimise the rise of moisture-laden air in the kitchen.

There are a number of less known sources of moisture that you may not have thought about. Were you aware that a gas heater can produce up to a pint of water vapour per 60 minutes? A paraffin heater creates in excess of one pint of water vapour per pint of paraffin burned? Tropical fish tanks also produce water vapour faster than you probably realise - at a very alarming rate! - and houseplants can also contribute to the issue quite excessively. It is perhaps quite surprising that two adults in an average-sized bedroom will produce more than a pint of water vapour in a night.


Provide natural ventilation to help minimise condensation and maintain a comfortable interior temperature whenever possible by:

  • Opening windows / doors
  • Ensure trickle vents in the ridge are open at all times - slide the control to open setting
  • Ensure trickle vents at the eaves (where fitted) are open at all times
  • Open the roof vent (if fitted)

Be sure to consider security when leaving open an easily accessible window or roof vent.


Heating can also assist with controlling condensation and should be marginally increased in any areas where condensation is a problem. Maintain some heat in the conservatory during cold weather and if possible, place heating appliances under windows to maintain the temperature of the inside pane of the double-glazing.

My front door has dropped - Ipswich Suffolk

Dropped or stuck doors in Ipswich, Stowmarket, Felixstowe, or Suffolk. If you have a door which is proving a problem, we can easily remedy it.

If not installed correctly, UPVC doorshave a habit of not closing properly - you may see daylight at the top or the bottom of the sash, meaning that the door is not closing properly and is letting in drafts.

Another problem arises when the dropped door causes the cams, latch and bolts of the locking mechanism to be out of alignment with the keeps on the frame. The first symptom of this is that the door is harder to lock and you end up having to force the handle up in order to turn the key, therefore putting a lot of stress on it. Eventually the mechanism breaks and the entire mechanism needs replacing.

In almost every case this can be simply remedied by us realigning the door. It is a straightforward procedure that generally involves re-packing around the glass or panel and slight adjustment of the hinges. If your door has these symptoms, try opening the door and then lifting the handle and turning the key. If it locks easily, then it probably just needs the door re-aligning. Give us a call on (01473) 288690 and will arrange a convenient time to call out and have a look for you free of charge.

In cases where the door has gone altogether and the door is stuck in the locked position, we can offer a full lock service and can get the door open and the locks replaced. If the door is locked and there is no key available, then the barrel will have to be replaced. All parts supplied by us come with a full guarantee.

Draughty Windows - Ipswich Suffolk

If you suffer from draughty windows then there are a few reasons why this could be and they are as follows:

1.Your window hinges have worn

When you close your window it does not close in properly on the hinged side, causing a gap between the sash and the frame. This then causes a draught. The only remedy is for the pair of hinges to be replaced.

Window hinge / friction stay problems: The main reason a window hinge or friction stay needs replacing is when the black or grey friction block on the window hinge breaks in two.

Other reasons window hinges or friction stays need replacing:

  1. When you close your window you can feel a draught along or down the hinge side of the window. If you place a piece of paper between the sash and the frame and when the window is closed the paper is easily removed, then you know the window is not draught proof
  2. When you close your window, the sash does not pull in at the top or down the side of the frame.
  3. A rivet may have broken from the window hinge leaving the window unable to be closed.
  4. With larger windows the hinges can bend and buckle when you try to close the window, leaving the window impossible to close.

Please note that although your window hinges seem to work properly, if you are feeling draughts through the window when it is in the closed position, then it is almost certainly the window hinges that are worn or broken. A good test is to use a credit card, if the card can slide easily between the opening vent and the rubber gasket on the outer frame, then the window hinges are almost certainly worn.

2.Your windows' bubble gaskets have become compressed

You'll recognise the 'bubble gaskets' - the draught-proofing between the opening part of your window and the frame - as they are usually black. Over time, bubble gaskets can and will compress down, causing the window to be less draught-proof. The only solution is to have these replaced - this is relatively easy and cost-effective to do.

3. The locking mechanism on your opening part of the window requires adjustment

Espag 'mushroom-style' locks can be adjusted to make your windows more draught-proof. It will however make your window handles tighter to close, but this is a small price to pay for a draught-proof seal which will be achieved by the repair.

4. Sealed units have failed or misted up.

Unfortunately, replacing them is the only answer to the problem - but cost-wise, it will be much less than replacing the window.

5. External window seals are not performing correctly

If you are experiencing damp patches on the lower parts of your inner reveals, then we can check your external seals on your windows to make sure they are sealed correctly. If they are not, then this can cause water penetration which in turn can cause damp issues inside.

What about draughty front and back doors?

Draughty front or back doors can often just need a little adjustment to render them more draught-proof. Tweaking the keeps on the frame makes the door more draught-proof - when the handle on the door is lifted up, by adjusting the latch plate keep (ie.the keep which allows the door to close to the frame tight) without the door moving forward or backwards. Adjustment of the door hinges - to align the doors and keep them from catching on the door frame keeps - can also help reduce draughts. Also adjusting the doorkeeps will make the frame much more draught proof.

My patio door won't slide - Ipswich Suffolk

This is usually because the wheels underneath the door have rusted or broken apart. We carry most types of wheels on the van and this problem can usually be solved on the same day.

Conservatory Maintenance

We offer a range of services designed to make your conservatory look and function as good as it did on the day it was installed.

Our services include:

  • Conservatory gutter replacement and repairs
  • Replacing conservatory roof glazing/bar capping with new pvcu aluminium roof glazing/bar capping to stop any further panels slipping in the roof and potential leaks
  • Replacement of broken or misted units in your conservatory at very competitive rates
  • Renewing crest and finials on your roof or just replace the old one for a new minimal look
  • Replacement of handles and locks
  • Conservatory repaint and re-staining of wooden conservatories.

Cold & noisy conservatory?

Replacing thin 16mm polycarbonate roof panels with either 25mm or 35mm polycarbonate will hold in more heat in the cooler months and make for a cooler conservatory in the summer.

Why not take advantage of our no obligation, FREE inspection?

We offer a FREE inspection and quote in Suffolk, so please do not leave your leaks until they get too bad and potentially cause more damage.

Dirty conservatory roof?

Conservatory roofs can become very dirty over time. They can be very difficult to clean for the average householder. With our specialist access equipment and cleaning materials, we can bring your conservatory back to life. We can offer anything from a basic roof wash to a full valet and polishing service. Inside or out, you will be amazed at the results.

Window repairs in Ipswich Suffolk

We've listed here all the repairs that we carry out on all types of PVC aluminium and wooden Windows in Suffolk - how can we help you?

  • Window Repairs in Ipswich Felixstowe and Stowmarket
  • Window Hinges replaced in Ipswich Felixstowe and Stowmarket
  • Window Friction Stays
  • Window Handles
  • Window Locks replaced in Ipswich Felixstowe and Stowmarket
  • Window Stays
  • Window Restrictors installed in Ipswich Felixstowe and Stowmarket
  • Window Fire Escape Hinges
  • Misty Windows replaced in Ipswich Felixstowe and Stowmarket
  • Steamy Windows replaced in Felixstowe, Stowmarket in Ipswich
  • Broken Down Sealed Units
  • Broken Windows
  • New Sealed Units
  • Draughty Windows
  • Door Hinges
  • Door handles
  • Door Locks
  • Door Restrictors
  • Door Panels
  • Patio Wheels replaced in Felixstowe Ipswich and Stowmarket
  • Patio Locks
  • Patio Units
  • Patio Door Handles
  • Cat & Dog Flaps Installed in Suffolk and North Essex
  • Letterboxes replaced
  • Security
  • Draughty Windows & Doors resolved in Ipswich and Suffolk
  • New Cylinders & Keys
  • Double Glazing Repairs are undertaken by Falcon Windows in Woodbridge and Saxmundham
  • Broken Glass replaced in Ipswich
  • Misty Units are completely replaced in Capel St Mary and Bentley
  • Door Locks repaired & replaced in Bentley and Capel St Mary

Cat flap installation services, Ipswich, Suffolk

Cat Flaps, Ipswich, Suffolk

We offer a professional cat flap installation service in and around Ipswich, Felixstowe, Hadleigh and Stowmarket. As Ipswich cat flap installers, we strive to ensure we take on average 4-5 working days to manufacture the toughened double glazed units that we install. We are able to fit cat flaps into most type of glass, whether it's single glazing, double glazing, laminated toughened glass or just a wooden ply panel, it's no problem for us!

We can provide a basic white or brown 4-way locking cat flap with our installations on request. Alternatively, if you require a micro-chip or magnetic cat flap, you can source the cat flap yourself or we can provide one for you, whichever is easier for you.

Procedure for ordering your cat-flap unit

  • We will visit your property and measure the glass or sealed unit for manufacture.
  • We will order the glass which takes around 5-6 working days.
  • Once manufactured, we will call to arrange its replacement.
  • We will replace your existing glass with the new glass containing your cat flap. (If you have double glazing, you have the option of keeping your old unit in case you were to move.)
  • Call one of our friendly telephone advisers for a free, no-obligation quote and will be only too pleased to quote for your requirements.

We provide all of our customers with a 100% free no obligation emailed quotation.

Cat flap installation services, Ipswich, Suffolk

Moving home in Ipswich Suffolk

If you require a panel of glass, sealed unit or complete window removed to allow for furniture to be taken in or removed from the property, then we can do this for you. We arrange a suitable time when your furniture is being delivered and we can generally do this within one to two hours and at a minimal cost. Please call 07887 525155 for a free quotation over the phone

Patio doors replaced in Ipswich Suffolk

We offer a very competitive rate at replacing patio doors in Suffolk. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best value for money. When times are hard, we try to offer all our customers the most competitive deal around. We source competitive rates on all our sealed units and PVC products and pass these onto our clients.

If a repair is required on your patio doors, we offer a replacement patio door wheel service where we replace the faulty wheels that can sometimes slip off the runner. This is a straightforward job and normally only takes between 1 -1/2 hours again at a minimal cost, called for your free quotation.

Falcon Maintenance

Falcon Maintenance

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