See a Falcon Ipswich conservatory built before your very eyes

Imperfect patio to comfortable conservatory in just 9 minutes

Falcon Windows customer, Christine Bullen, just couldn't resist recording the installation of her conservatory. Rather than just take a few snaps along the way, she decided to create freeze-frame slide shows taken automatically throughout the whole build period.

The Falcon Windows team found themselves the stars of the show.

Witness 8 days' conservatory building in just 9 minutes» 

Top tip - Don't miss the last section of the installation - it's fascinating to see the frame and glazing going in to create the finished Falcon conservatory!  

Now picture this

Christine's first presentation of the Falcon Windows conservatory installation is a set of still photos make into a slide show - the ground works, building works and installation in a series of pictures.

Watch how the Falcon team prepare for the ground work by taking up the old patio slaps and digging out the footings, filling in with concrete up to the oversight and then laying the first few courses of bricks up to damp course level.

Next comes the brickwork and block work up to dwarf wall height, then erecting the primes,  ring beam and roof carcass before the structure is finally glazed. Oh - and there's installing the window boards and sealing all round the conservatory too! 

Watch the 'highlights' start to finish presentation here» 

Ground works :5 days' work in just 4 minutes

Christine's second presentation reveals all the ground works and building works in slower motion, showing the Bobcat which dug out the foundations and our groundwork-force doing all the preparation work over a period of days.

Watch the groundworks presentation here» 

(Don't forget you can skip through sections as you watch it if you wish!)   

Installation: 3 days' work in 5 minutes

Christine's final presentation shows our Falcon installation team installing the conservatory firstly by laying down the cill, then erecting all the frame's ring beam and roof bars and, doing all the 'code 4' lead work which adjoins the conservatory to the house wall.

Finally, toughened self-cleaning roof panels and all the other vertical toughened glass panels are inserted into the conservatory frames.

Watch the frame and glazing installation presentation here» 

Now that's entertainment

Falcon Windows would like to thank Christine for sharing this.

We hope you enjoy watching the Falcon Windows team grafting away at break-neck speed! Autographs are of course available on request.

If you'd like to see more videos of finished conservatories from Falcon Windows - this time being enjoyed by their owners who want to share their experience of engaging the services of Falcon windows, we have an ever-growing range in our testimonials section and on our home page.

See more videos of customers and their Falcon conservatories here» 

If you're inspired now to consider a conservatory, why not get in touch?  


See a Falcon Ipswich conservatory built before your very eyes

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