Canopies & Car Ports - Get covered for winter or summer!

There's no shadow of a doubt that a polycarbonate canopy or aluminium-framed can be a great investment for your home or commercial property.

From patio pagodas and covered play areas  to caravan or car ports, bike parks to smoking shelters, Falcon's very own polycarbonate division - Falcon Polycarbonates Ipswich - has the expertise to give you the cover you're really looking for.

And these days, you can even colour your canopy beautiful...

So what's your colour choice for your polycarbonate canopy?

As well as the traditional clear option, our 16mm triple wall polycarbonate glazing comes in classy bronze or opal.

If you're looking for your canopy to blend in to your property with a certain level  of discretion or feel the need for a darker or cooler shadow from the shelter, the shade of the panels may be a consideration.

And whether you are again seeking to blend with your home, fancy a crisp and clean look or are really wanting to jolly things up - perhaps for a the canopy over a children's play area - you'll find all sorts of colours under the sun available for the powder coating of the aluminium framework.

From bright primary colours, to trendy greens and subtle shades, for just a little extra expense and patience when it comes to delivery times, the innovative powder coating is available to any RAL no. That's simply thousands of choices!

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Bigger & smaller than you think 

Did you know that polycarbonate canopy projections can be up to  - and including - 4m as standard?  The average tends to be around 2.5m- 3m.

That might still sound like a large span, but quite often because the spaces where canopies are installed - especially for car or caravan ports down the side of a house - they can actually appear quite subtle and unimposing!  

Robust & maintenance free

And here's the additional beauty to it all... Canopies from Falcon Polycarbonates Ipswich do come in all shapes and sizes, including timber-frame options if required.

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But by far the most popular and robust tends to be the all aluminium-framed construction with powder-coated finish which is beautifully maintenance free!

These canopies have integral eaves with beam/box gutters, with drainage through front support posts, giving a sleek and integrated look.

At Falcon Polycarbonates, we will work with you to secure the design that's right for your property, purse and requirements.

From order to installation, it is best to allow about 3-4 weeks, although this will depend on exact specifications and colour.

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Canopies & Car Ports - Get covered for winter or summer!

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