Love your conservatory? Show it some TLC.

Falcon Windows conservatory care, repairs & maintenance. 

Leaks, knocks, wear and tear - no matter how careful you are with your conservatory, orangerie or garden room, it's a good idea to keep on top of the maintenance of your investment and Falcon Windows are here to help.

Just by giving your conservatory a bit of TLC and acting in a timely fashion immediately you spot any potential damage, you can keep it in the best possible condition.

It's always best to get ahead and sort out any issues like slipped panels; failing mutin bars' poorly fitting ridge and radius ends; choked up gutters and valleys; poorly fitted roof vents and leaky jack spars.

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Has your conservatory been in the wars?

Falling roof tiles, a lawn-mower mishap or fall-out from a hailstorm - freak damage happens. Falcon Windows helps swiftly in emergencies, but you don't have to wait until your conservatory has been in the wars.  

The quality conservatory and roofing systems constructed by Falcon Windows Ipswich use tried and tested and highly innovative technologies which mean that your conservatory, orangery or garden room will be a robust structure that's built to last.

Unfortunately however, damage can occur from things out of all our control like extreme weather conditions - a freak hailstorm, gales or torrential rain .

Then there are life's rare little mishaps - an over-enthusiastic football kick-around in the garden, a spot of misdirected golf, or even a runaway lawnmower...

Falcon Windows - Emergency conservatory repairs: 07887 525155 

Whichever way the wind blows...

... the Falcon Windows team are here to help. A freak hailstorm can cause damage to polycarbonate conservatory panes and can even end up with an insurance claim to ensure that a conservatory roof is replaced and restored to perfect condition.

To replace a polycarbonate lean-to conservatory roof it is necessary to remove the guttering along with the front ring beam hard plastic covering, plus the rear underside wall-plate covering and screws to enable access to the roof sheets. Normally the metal joining strips come out too. Only then can new roofing sheets be put in place before re-installing the metal joiners re-installed, wall-plate undercover ring beam covering and guttering. It can be tricky, especially with neighbouring properties closely adjacent, but Falcon Windows Ipswich have the expertise to get the job done with minimal disturbance and get your conservatory space restored to you as quickly as possible. 

Never a storm in a teacup

Falcon Windows Ipswich are ready to help with conservatory maintenance and repairs come rain, hail or shine. We will always treat your concerns seriously and carry out a site visit to take a look at the issue. 

We know what questions to ask about how and where your conservatory is leaking, to understand and assess the situation as quickly as possible.

Our experienced team recognise the weak spots and how to mend conservatory leaks quickly and efficiently, from slipped panels, ridge and radius end issues, leaking around mutin bars, leaky jack spars and roof vents to blocked or defective box gutters and valleys

Once  the Falcon Windows team has come out on site to take a look, we provide a full written quotation in 48 hours. Our quotations are honest and straight-forward - no gimmicks, just a fair appraisal for a job to correct the damage or leak once and for all, so you can have peace of mind. Should you then decide to proceed, we will then carry the work out within 2 weeks.

Sound advice for the future

Whether Falcon Windows undertake a one-off conservatory repair or are called in to perform regular 'health checks' on conservatories, we always look to share our expertise by offering advice on how to help prevent leaks to the conservatory in the future.

It could be an extra spot of garden maintanence to ensure that branches don't shed their leaves to clog valleys and gutters, or how to check joints and spars most susceptible to leaks. Whatever the nature of your conservatory, Falcon can guide you on specific visual checks and tricks which can help keep it in tip top condition.

Call Falcon Windows on 01473 288690 Emergency repairs: 07887 525155 


Love your conservatory? Show it some TLC.

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