Condensation - Keep it under control

Is condensation a problem in your Suffolk home?

Left untreated condensation can cause damp patches and even structural damage. What's more, it leads to mould growth which is potentially harmful, bringing about health issues and breathing complications.

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Tip 1:

One load of washing = 2 litres of water emitted into the air. Make sure that you vent any washing machine or tumble dryer in your property correctly, 

Tip 2:

Alternatively dry clothes outdoors . Not possible? Keep them in your bathroom with the door closed and a window open until they are completely dry.

Tip 3:

Cooking food, boiling the kettle or taking a shower? Ensure that your kitchen or bathroom doors are closed to prevent moisture in the air going into colder rooms which will then cause condensation to form on the coldest surfaces.

Tip 4:

When cooking make sure you cover pans with a lid to reduce moisture escaping. Also, make sure you use an extractor hood if you have one and keep it running for 5-10 minutes afterwards.

Tip 5:

Taking a shower or having a bath? Turn on your extractor fan to remove moisture and steam created when running warm water in a cold environment. This helps reduce condensation appearing on bathroom windows and walls.

Tip 6:

Pets and plants produce moisture.  Cover up your fish tanks to reduce excess moisture and move house plants outdoors if damp patches appear on walls nearby.

Tip 7:

Don't over-fill your wardrobes or kitchen cupboards. Air needs to circulate. A lack of ventilation and air moisture trapped in warm over-filled cupboards breed mould and give off musty smells. 

Tip 8:

Ensure furniture is at least 50-60mm away from internal walls so air can circulate around the property. Place wardrobes against internal walls rather than external walls as this is less likely to form mould behind them.

Tip 9:

Ensure that heating is sufficient  - this will improve the temperature of surfaces and reduce the likelihood of condensation. Having an energy efficient home with insulated walls and double glazing will help stop the heat escaping

Tip 10:

A well used living room needs a slightly open window to improve ventilation in the room. Breathing causes condensation so this will help to improve the ventilation in your property.

Tip 11:

Double glazing, loft insulation and draft proofing will help to reduce the amount of heat that is lost from a property. Installing insulation will help sustain an even temperature inside your home at a higher level.

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Tip 12:

Get advice from the experts. Adequate ventilation is essential to allow the moisture to escape from a property before it turns into condensation. If you have condensation problems Falcon Windows Ipswich may be able to help.

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Condensation - Keep it under control

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